During the mid 1990's some students from Malawi and Mozambique came to a Bible School in the Waterfall area near Durban in KwaZulu-Natal to be trained in theology.  The Bible School encouraged the students to find fellowship in the local area and two of them, MacHendricks and Peter, found their way to the Hillcrest Assembly.  Here a friendship developed between them and Rupert Freese as they served the Lord together.
MacHendricks and Peter returned to Malawi in December 1996 and in February 1997 they invited Rupert to come and visit and share in the ministry of God's Word.  This in turn resulted in the first missionary journey being undertaken in April 1997 with 3 brothers from South Africa traveling through Zimbabwe to Mozambique and on to Malawi.

The normal procedure for missionaries in Africa is that they bring in a team, spend a lot of money, buy property and build an assembly hall.  The approach of the brethren from South Africa was vastly different.  From the beginning the emphasis was simply on the Word of God.  The ministry emphasized the need to be "born again" - church membership does not bring anyone to salvation - only the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God unto salvation.  Jesus died for the sins of men, was buried and rose again from the dead.  This message, received by faith, brings men and women into a true experience of becoming the sons of the living God.

Those who were genuinely seeking soon drew near while many fell by the way, including the original two, but over the years a core of believers rose up to stand on the sure foundation of the Principles of the Doctrine of Christ as recorded in Hebrews 6.

Over the past 20 years a team from Southern Africa has gone to these areas twice a year by the grace of God.  September 2016 marks the 40th missionary journey!  The number of brothers in the teams vary from 4 to 9 depending on their availability, transport facilities and funds.  God has been faithful in that these missionary trips have been undertaken without any interruption since 1997.

Apart from the bi-annual visits, smaller teams go regularly during the year, normally flying to remote areas that are difficult to access. Many thousands of kilometers have been travelled, border posts crossed under difficult circumstances and many thousands (if not millions) of litres of fuel consumed.  As fuel prices fluctuate, a litre of fuel can easily be double what it is in South Africa.  God has been faithful in His provision and in keeping the teams safe on their journeys and returning them back to their homes.  We give thanks to God that in all these years there have been very few incidents as the Lord has fulfilled His word in the sense of "Lo - I am with you alway".  There have been a few stomach troubles and malaria infections but in these cases, the brothers have fully recovered.

Often times in remote - sometimes war torn areas - one is tempted to think "What on earth am I doing here"?  The Spirit of God faithfully reminds us that the love of Christ constrains us to fulfill the call of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In loving obedience and submission to our Lord and Saviour, that great Shepherd of the sheeep, men are gladly spent for the fulfilling of the Great Commission to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

With great joy the brothers report that people have responded to the Gospel message, believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, been born again, baptised in water, baptised in the Holy Spirit and added to the Body of Christ in their local areas.  As they have experienced "the effectual working in the measure of every part" (Eph 4:16) so men have been raised up to fulfill their ministries in "perfecting the saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the Body of Christ" (Eph 4:12).

In 2012 a terrible incdent was used by God to "work all things together for good".  Brother Elias in Mozambique had a terrible accident.  He was knocked off his motorcycle, smashing his L5 vertebrae and rendering him paralysed for a few days.  Miraculously he was raised from that state and he was able to walk again but was in hospital in Kilimane for a long time.  The Lord added a whole new dimension to the relationship between Rupert and Elias during the hospital visits as they wept together.  This bond has stood the test of time!  Elias struggled with his injury for many months.  Tests in Cape Town indicated his situation was inoperable. Then in early 2015 during a routine check up, the doctors declared that there had been a change and that an operation was "very likely" to be successful.  God provided funding by His grace and the operation was a huge success!  After a few months recuperation in Cape Town Elias went back to Mozambique and is serving the Lord faithfully as he rides his motorcycle into areas where "angels would fear to tread",sharing the life giving Gospel of Jesus Christ!  The believers in Mozambique have benefitted greatly from his ministry and the testimony of God's grace in his life.  Through his testimony of dogged trust in the Lord during this difficult time, his father came to know the Lord Jesus as saviour.

We do not want to paint a picture that everything is rosy.  Some fellowships have been pressing on for many years; others for only a short period of time.  Just as temptation came to Eve in the garden of Eden to consider the importance of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, so the scripture warns us in 2 Cor 11 v 1-4 that we need to be careful lest we be beguiled as Eve was.  We have found that people in difficult circumstances are beguiled from time to time.  Often it relates to the provision of finances from other sources.  We are very sad to say that folk do leave the fellowship; sometimes whole chuirches leave as they realise we are not a financing organisation; we don't build buildings; we don't pay salaries to leading men in positioins of pre-eminence such as bishops, pastors, teachers or evangelists.  The principle that we preach is simple: "We serve the Lord because we love Him".  Many who come from the old "missionary model" find it quite a difficult concept to grasp.  There are occasions where needs have been made known and assistance has been given as God has provided.  One example has been the serious drought in Malawi where the Lord enabled us to send funds to believers in order to assist them during that period of time.  Our main objective is absolutely to preach the Word of God in order to see men and women go to Heaven.