The brothers in the field use notebok computers extensively.  Ministry is recorded in video and in audio wherever possible and circulated amongst the believers.  The files are duplicated and copied to memory cards and the brethren take the computers with them and play back the ministry sessions to spread the word on their travels.  In July it was discovered that a few of the old notebooks had "given up the ghost".

The Lord was gracious and provided an opportunity to obtain 4 "almost new" notebook computers at a very resonable price from a company that was closing down.  An added bonus was that these notebooks had "extended time" batteries - alowing for their use in rural areas where there is no electricity.  Many thanks to the Lord and to all the donors who contributed funds for the notebooks to be purchased!

The next item to assist with the use of the computers is a solar panel and a "power pack" that can be charged and taken on a road trip.  It is anticipated that these power packs will allow the computers to keep running for about 9 hours!  Right now we have only one solar panel and power pack and we are looking to the Lord to acquire three more.