Our mission trip to Mozambique and Malawi has been a great blessing in being able to share ministry with the believers there and meet folk who are standing firm for Jesus despite hardships . The Lord blessed His word to me as well in relying on the Holy Spirit for sharing the word for each different fellowship.  Every message was different with Him leading me!
A testimony I shared that I heard years ago was of a group of Christians who lived in Africa who used to walk through the bush to pray.  They would greet each other saying "Is your path still clean?  Are you still praying or is your path overgrown with the cares of this life"?  This was a challenge to them and to all of us.

The response to the Word was a blessing to me as we were able to share God's love and encouraged them to stand firm in Jesus and to see the change in their lives.  The singing and the ''skits'' were beautiful and showed the love of Jesus  in their hearts.  We enjoyed fellowship with brother Elias as we travelled and he was a blessing to us.
The Lord kept his hand on us and we had a safe trip despite going into war zones and doing detours.  Thank you to all those that were praying for us while we were away . The border crossings were quick and easy - even the one where we arrived at closing time (9.00 pm) and were still able to get through easily!
Yours in Christ

Roland Holst  (Southfield Assembly)