Praise God!!! The Lord really blessed this trip even though we had challenges, we take comfort in that we were found worthy to be used by our Lord.

The team consisted of:
Rupert, Roland and myself from Cape Town with Bennie meeting us in Malawi later.
Bruce, Roland and Alan Amey from Durban

We left Cape Town on 22 September for Johannesburg and joined up with the other team from Durban and spent the next night at Bubi Village Zimbabwe. From there it was another days driving to get to Chimoio, Mozambique. As the war was still going on in the northern provinces, we could not get to all the fellowships in the area.

We spent the first two days with brother Elias in Baira and then split up into two teams with Rupert, Elias and myself going to the fellowship at Nhamapadza in Gorongosa for two days. This was the furthest north that we could safely go.  Even so, some people had been shot in the area the day before we arrived and that night some other people were shot about a kilometer away from us!  It was very hot there as we spent the night sleeping under a mango tree. The other team of Bruce, Alan and Roland went down to Chitunga and Chirasua.

We had to take a 200 km sand track detour through Zimbawe in order to avoid the war zone in the north of Mozambique, on our way to Malawi, arriving on 29 September and meeting up with Bennie from Cape Town. We split up into three teams:
Rupert, MacNel, Elias and Fredson went to Mulumbu in the Moz District. Then to Kayia in
the Ntcheu district.
Bruce, Benny and myself went to the areas of Kanyanbiri and Khlongo in the Chikwawa district, Namaiusa in the Chiradzulu district and Namangale in the Palombe district.

Alan Amee and Roland visited Kaiya, Kulanga and Balaka in the Ntcheu district and then on to Charimba in Blantyre.

We left Blantyre, Malawi on the Mon 3 Oct and arrived at Cahora Bassa Dam for the day and departed the following morning for Chimoio and arrived back in Cape Town on 6 October.

The Lord touched many hearts including ours over this period. All the glory, honour and praises to our Lord and Saviour.

I am honoured to be ale to tell you a bit about our trip. May the Lord keep these precious Brothers and Sisters protected and fed not only in worldly food but Spiritual food.

God Bless

Alan Weston