Rupert, Alex and I walked off the aeroplane at Blantyre airport onto the tarmac into the hot sun.  The queue at the customs desk was not moving at all and we were eventually re-directed to another desk where a burly officer scanned all our finger prints and stamped our passports.  With our luggage retrieved we stepped out of the building to be greeted by a friendly but insistent porter: ”Mulibanje!”  (How do you do?)  Some quick negotiations as to the taxi fare for a trip into the city and we were on our way.  All along the road there are shops and trading posts where people are doing their best to make a living.  It seems that the national slogan in Malawi is “We are trying”!

The first challenge was to find an ATM that would accept our credit cards!  The third attempt was successful – a local Standard Bank.  My eyes just bulged as it spat out 40 x 1000 Malawi Kwatcha (K) notes.  One South African Rand is about 50 Kwatcha so the K40,000 is only R800.

We picked up our rental car and were very glad to arrive at the Zambesi Mission House down a dusty rutted gravel road to be welcomed by the friendly staff.  After a masterful supper prepared by Alex and a shower we gratefully climbed into bed and slept like logs under our mosquito nets.  Yes – there was quite some “sawing of logs” through the night!